Vemma MLM Leads

Starting at $3.25 per lead

All leads come standard with:

Leads Per Day ForDays

Minimum Quantity: 50

These are Vemma Specific MLM leads!  We have a landing page that we drive traffic where a person will put in their name, email, and phone number.   You will receive leads in REAL TIME as they come in. 

Landing page that we send traffic to:

Suggestions:  It is best to call on these leads right away so it is fresh in their minds.  Something like this  "You just/recently filled out a form on our website.  Have you ever heard about Vemma before?  On a scale of 1-10 how serious are you about making extra money from home?"  Then go into how it works with Vemma.  

Information:  Name, Email, Phone, IP Address, & Time Stamp

Starting at $3.25 per lead


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