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Welcome to Legit Data

Legit Data provides all sorts of leads to their customers and are categorized in 3 different ways. Legit, Fresh, and Legacy data. There are several different options to choose from when looking for data to purchase. If you are looking for QUALITY leads for your best people or if your looking for QUANTITY for training those that just got can find them here at Legit Data! With low minimums you can try out each data set to see which ones work best for you and your company!

Legit Data - Anywhere from 0 to 7 days old. We will do our best to provide Real time that comes in to our Legit Data customers. Legit data that is exclusive to you and will be allocated as it is ordered.Highest quality data that Legit Data gets at this time.
Fresh Data - Data that is 7 to 29 days old. Reduced price but well worth the money!
Legacy Data - This is data that is 30 days or older. This is typically cost less than legit data and fresh data. It also has the possibility that it has been called through and emailed once before.

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I have been buying and using Biz Opp leads for years and there hasn't been a lead provider that has been amazing until now. Legit Data really has some of the best leads for any type of business. After I saw the success from these Biz Opp leads it was a no brainer for me to keep using this lead resource. .. View More
I basically ran out of friends and family to approach and saw my business at a stand still with my MLM company. As I was looking for options to purchase leads of people interested in starting a home based business I ran into Legit data. With Legit data I now have unlimited amounts of contacts that are fresh and exploding my business. The response was incredible! I would highly recommend buying Legit Data!.. View More
Derrick M. - Utah
Welcome to Legit Data

What Makes Us Different?

It comes down to 2 things, QUALITY leads and being EFFECTIVE with the leads you get.   With Legit Data leads you will have both at your fingertips!   Each Legit Data customer gets their very own Mini-CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system and will be able to login and view their purchased leads.  Once inside the Legit Data system you will be able to track, take notes, view notification alerts, add contacts, and disposition the leads as you call on them.  Customers will not have to create spreadsheets, manage paper leads, create notes in different areas, etc...   

Our Quality Leads Include: Business Opportunity Leads, Health Leads, MLM Leads

Are you looking to expand your business online or locally? With approximately 7.3 million pages added to the web each day, it can be difficult to make your business stand out. Fortunately, you don’t have to fight for attention to generate real time leads! When you take advantage of biz opp leads and find a trusted source for buying leads, you can take the guesswork out of marketing your business online.

MLM leads and business opportunity leads have the potential to revolutionize your online marketing. Your business will be exposed to internet users who crave the services and products that you provide. Legit Data offers quality leads including health leads, credit monitoring leads, and registration data leads. What’s the catch? Not all leads are created equal! Some are poor quality and some are flat-out illegitimate. So how do you find genuine leads to grow your business?  Simple: Find LEGIT DATA you can trust!

About Legit Data

At Legit Data, we’re dedicated to gathering user data and building authentic marketing lists to help business owners like you. Whether you have Call Center or just started working with a MLM company, you need leads to succeed!  We never spam; we don’t steal information. Unlike many Business Opportunity Leads, we harness legitimate data to create the best data possible. This is the key to our success: Legit Data produces Legit Results!

Don’t buy leads unless you know they’re quality. When you buy leads from Legit Data, you know that our business opportunity leads are specifically targeted for your business niche. Because so many business owners focus on the number of MLM and business opportunity leads instead of quality, they suffer incredibly high turnover rates and experience very little growth for all their effort. Instead, by making an investment in highly optimized and targeted leads, your marketing campaigns will experience incredible results.

The Benefits of Getting Legit Data

When you buy Legit Data leads, the investment that you’re making in your business will be worth every penny. Aside from the immediate conversion, the lifetime value of a customer should never be underestimated. Whether it’s recurring business or one time sales, there are endless benefits of buying authentic quality leads.   

Compared to other marketing efforts, seeking targeted biz opp leads provides benefits such as:

·      Cost Efficiency. Truly targeted leads increase the conversion rate, thereby boosting your ROI.

·      High Efficiency. Because the biz opp leads are already optimized and targeted for your business, any marketing efforts will be much more effective. You’ll witness immediate and long-term results.

·      Simplicity. When you buy leads, you don’t have to stress over the mind-numbing process of acquiring specific, useful data. Instead, the marketing campaign is easy to create thanks to authentic MLM leads.

·      Instant feedback potential. Taking advantage of email marketing with the biz opp leads you purchase can lead to instant feedback. Use this feedback to improve and grow your marketing campaign.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of MLM Lead Generation and Business Opportunity Leads

While organic SEO is going to be the staple of any online marketing campaign, don’t forget the power of email marketing to targeted biz opp leads. A recent study showed that 70 percent of businesses intend to invest more into email marketing and MLM lead generation in 2013. Because you’re targeting users who are already interested in what your business has to offer, this marketing method is incredibly successful and effective.

Don’t buy leads from anywhere. Invest in a name that you can trust.

Legit Data yields Legit Results!


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