DS Domination Leads (Aweber)

Starting at $2.50 per lead

All leads come standard with:

*** Please Note
You will get leads as they come in. You may get more or less per day depending on traffic.

Leads Per Day ForDays

Minimum Quantity: 50

DS Domination Leads that are fresh and real time!   Get them now!!!

We drive traffic to a website that collects name and email.  These leads are real time and you get them as traffic comes in. Once the lead gets submitted we pass them to your aWeber Account (Your auto responders can drip emails to them) and then goes to the video with your DS DOMINATION affiliate link creating AUTOMATIC sales!   

Steps -  We drive traffic to our landing page => Customer Fills out Name and Email => Gets submitted into your aWeber account => Goes to Video with your DS DOMINATION Username

You won't go anywhere else once you start with these leads.  

Information:  Name, Email, Phone, IP Address, & Time Stamp

Starting at $2.50 per lead


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